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Top Manicure Tips

Some useful manicure tips on how to make your fingernails stand up to the rigours of everyday life.

Filing Your Nails
• When filing your nails, work from the edges towards the centre. Don’t use a back and forth filing motion.
• Soaking your nails in some luke warm water can help soften them prior to a manicure

Nail Polishing
A lick of polish can be a great protector for the nails, even if a natural clear colour is preferred.
But how do you get the best result?

• Have a steady surface to lean on and some acetate (not acetone) based polish remover and cotton pad on hand in case of mistakes.
• Apply a layer of base coat. As the name implies it will be the best foundation for your coloured polish, providing a smooth surface.
• Once the base coat is dry, roll the bottle of coloured polish between your hands to blend thoroughly, rather than shaking the bottle which creates air bubbles.
• Apply a swipe of colour down the middle of your nail from cuticle to tip then fill in on either side. After thorough drying you can apply a second coat.
• Ideally wait an hour before finishing with a clear top coat to protect your 'handiwork'.

Once you have polished your nails keep the polish on for as long as your nails look presentable. This will help prevent nail cracking and splitting.

A good balanced diet and drinking plenty of water will help to promote healthy nails.