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Dovo Klipette Nose & Ear Hair Trimmer 9385-006



Get to grips with this manly problem. Excessive nose and ear hair by using the Klipette Nose Hair Trimmer.

Resist prodding about in your nostrils with scissors, certainly NOT advisable with an unsteady hand, instead utilise the nose hair trimmer which not only is effective but hygienic. It can easily be cleaned out after use.
All tools are fashioned from hardened stainless steel and finished in a smart Satin finish.

Easy to use: Place the cutting edge just inside the nostril and rotate the barrel. The nose hairs will be caught and cut. The same procedure applies to the ear. Don’t however push too far into the nostril or ear opening. Cleaning can be achieved by tapping the barrel and using the brush to remove the cut hairs.
The Klipette comes in a top quality cowhide leather case for ease of storage and protection.

Made in Germany by one of the world’s leading Grooming Brands, Dovo.
Dovo Brand Box.

  • Case Material: Soft Cowhide Leather
  • Case Colour: Black
  • Case Size: 95mm x 35mm 
  • Pieces: 2

Implements: Satin Finish Stainless Steel
Klipette Nose Hair Trimmer|Cleaning Brush

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