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Dovo 4 piece Magnetic Board Satin Finish Luxury Manicure Set 515016



The first thing you’ll notice when using this manicure kit is how easy the implements are to remove and replace into the case. The reason? The case itself has a magnetic base which allows the tools to sit wherever they are placed on it. Very handy.

• Case Material: Cowhide Leather
• Case Colour: Black
• Case Size: 105mm x 90mm

The case is clips shut & is constructed from black cowhide leather within a steel frame for rigidity.
The 4 useful grooming tools consist of an attractively designed smooth, rounded edged set of scissors ideal for nose & ear hair trimming.
Also included is a flat handle pair of precision tweezers, foldaway nail clippers and a sapphire nail file for ensured long life.
This set is certainly different, indeed unique in many ways.
Made in Germany by one of the world’s leading Grooming Brands, Dovo.
Dovo Gift Box Presented.

Implements: Satin Finish Stainless Steel

Nail Clippers |Nose/Ear Hair Trimming Scissors (round edged)|Flat Handle Slanted Tweezers|Sapphire Nail File

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