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Mirror, Mirror....

by Molly Muse September 21, 2018

Mirror, Mirror....

Mirror, mirror on the wall....who is the fairest of them all?
We may not admire ourselves to that degree when we look in the mirror, but if we’re not entirely satisfied with what we see we can always make adjustments, right? And I'm sure, like me, you check your appearance more than once a day?

This got me thinking about the first ever mirror.

Can you imagine not having one? How many do you have in your house for example?

The Egyptians used polished copper or bronze. Then came some rudimentary glass mirrors. But it was the process of silvering,
(coating clear glass with a thin, reflective layer of metallic silver) credited to a German chemist in 1835, which became the template for our modern mirror.
A mirror is still basically polished glass coated in metal. However, although it was considered a luxury item right up until around 200 years ago, with mass production following the Industrial Revolution, a mirror became a household essential.

Nowadays mirrors are more than just a basic essential. We certainly have more choice - of both quality and style.
A good quality mirror has less distortion and usually weighs more, having thicker glass and heavier backing. At Manicure Sets for Women our wall-mounted mirrors have a brass core, are finished in chrome and are reliably sturdy for everyday use.
Maybe you prefer a freestanding mirror? Perhaps some magnification would be useful, for example when applying makeup without your specs on? And what about when you’re out and about? Maybe a compact or travel mirror would be just the thing.

                                                                                  who is the fairest of them all?
Mirror, mirror on the wall...or on the dressing table...or in your bag...what does it say? Better go and have a look.

Over to you:-

How many times a day YOU look in a mirror to check your hair or touch up your make up?

Molly Muse
Molly Muse


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