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Are you Dry this January?

by Molly Muse January 09, 2019

Are you Dry this January?

Are you Dry this January?

Well, here we go again....Another January, another new year, another article on becoming a 'healthy new you'.
I was pondering that January must be the hardest month to deprive ourselves of the things we like. It’s cold, it’s dark...and I’m expected to give up my glass of wine and get down the gym? I don’t think so!
But then again, I suppose at some point we all have to face the fact that too much self-Indulgence has its price The realisation may not hit us till Spring, when we actually feel like coming out of hibernation, but,that day of reckoning will surely dawn!
So, my topic is alcohol consumption. Personally I love it! But, joking aside, this Dry January thing has come to my attention and it has made me wonder whether I could actually abstain for a month...or even whether I really need to...
So, I investigated and I’m afraid I did find some good reasons for doing it:-

Results after Week 1.
Better quality sleep (more REM) means better concentration and ability to learn and make decisions.
Better hydration improves your mood and brain functioning (when drinking alcohol you lose 4 times the amount of liquid you actually drink).
Losing weight. 6 x 175 ml glasses of wine is the equivalent in calories to 5 and half packets of crisps (in my experience wine and salty snacks go well together, so less of both would be a win-win!)
Therefore, after 1 week I would be brighter, sharper and losing some pounds. Sounds good so far.
Maybe continue for another couple of weeks?
After Week 3, as well as all the above, my blood pressure would have reduced, lessening my risk of stroke.
So continue to the end of the month?
Apparently by now My skin would be radiating a healthy glow as the poor old liver is now recovering and reflecting the benefits as it helps the body store vitamins and minerals.
My psoriasis should also be improving as alcohol depletes the body of vitamin A which helps promote cell turnover.

Well, all sounds positive doesn’t it? But what happens when the month is over? Revert to old habits? Well, again the positive news is that evidence indicates that those who give up alcohol for a month are over 70% likely to continue on a path of moderation.

So, to be fair, I do not currently binge drink, but all this has made me consider the benefits of reducing my weekly intake of wine - maybe have more dry days at least?

Our acknowledgment to the PrioryGroup which was the source of this information

So what about you?
What’s your view of alcohol? Would you ever consider giving it up for a while?
Are you taking part in Dry January?

Molly Muse
Molly Muse


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